A law firm in the heart of Milan

"Siamo uno Studio Legale, con particolare attenzione - sarebbe meglio dire “passione” - agli aspetti della vita imprenditoriale dei clienti."

Our history

The Law Firm Studio Legale Macchi Corrado was established in 1993 by Mr. Corrado Macchi.

Originally planned as an individual law firm, over the years the firm developed to currently employ nine staff members, organised into two offices in Milan and Carnago (Varese). In 2000, it became an association of professionals, under the name Studio Legale Macchi & Associati recently turned to SLM&G, a Law Firm of indipendent lawyers .

While maintaining its original competitive spirit, the development and opening of the firm with other associates made it what one could define as a legal “boutique”, with particular attention on, or should we say “passion” for, the business aspects of clients’ lives.
Each partner, lawyer and collaborator was specifically chosen for the firm because they come from business families, to ensure clients have an interlocutor who understands the difficulties and needs, including emotional requirements, brought upon by such a means of living.

The firm has particular experience in all aspects of corporate and business litigation, in real estate transactions, in corporate takeovers and in out of court activities such as the drafting and negotiation of business contracts and offering legal opinion.

The structure of the firm enables each lawyer to broaden his or her skills and gain further experience in specialist legal sectors while working in multi-disciplinary teams.
Given the excellent professional relations, which have enabled the creation of an external, well integrated and efficient network, the firm offers a one-stop shop for companies and business clients, providing the best legal service in all specific fields.

To date, the firm has developed considerable experience in managing typical issues in the entrepreneur’s everyday life and business, ranging from studying the ideal corporate structure for the client’s needs (including the drafting of “made to measure” provisions), preparing fundamental contracts and analysing basic organisational layout to studying solutions to implement and ensure the safeguarding and transferability of the entrepreneur’s family assets.

The firm aims to establish a trustworthy and long term relationship with all its clients to enable us to gain in-depth knowledge of each of our clients’ businesses, resulting in an advantageous cost-benefits relationship that is highly capable of meeting the specific needs of each of our clients.


Experience in all aspects of corporate and commercial litigation, real estate transactions, corporate acquisitions and out-of-court activities such as, for example, the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts and the preparation of legal opinions.


The structure of the firm allows each lawyer both to increase their skills and experience in specialized areas of law and to work in multidisciplinary teams.


The firm aims to establish a long-lasting relationship of trust with clients and this allows us to achieve a deep knowledge of their activities, with the result of obtaining an advantageous cost-benefit ratio and an ability to satisfy specifications in a more concrete way. customer needs.

The Network

Over the years the firm has amassed a consolidated network of professionals in Italy and abroad capable of assisting our clients in the main aspects of corporate life. The firm can therefore put the client in contact with tax advisors, accountants, notaries, business consultants and, naturally, lawyers with specific experience and preparation in matters not dealt with directly by our firm.