David Gianluca Guarnieri

David Gianluca Guarnieri



Graduated from the University of Milan Bicocca in 2006, he began his internship even before obtaining his degree in civil procedural law. From the first day, he supported the lawyer Macchi in the management of corporate practices, actively participating in meetings with customers, in the drafting of deeds and documents, in participation in corporate meetings representing clients. Over the years he has developed a specific preparation in the field of corporate disputes, with particular reference to liability actions against the administrative body. David became a lawyer in 2009, at the age of 28. Today he is also a speaker at numerous conferences and lecturer in professional preparation courses organized on specific topics of interest to customers and trade associations. In addition to Italian, he speaks and writes fluently in English, together with Luca Gentilin he is responsible for the litigation department of the firm.

Representative experiences

It represents numerous companies and cooperatives active in the building and social field of regional and national importance, as well as leading companies in the field of insulation and energy efficiency.